Jo Smith | BlackCat Cycle Coaching

"Massive thanks to Tim, who really knows how to get the best out of a busy, time poor teacher!!"

Jo Smith

Twice National 800m Grass Track Champion, BUCS Sprint National Champion, Winner Women’s National Omnium 2017

Attention to detail, to perform at a National level

I was very flattered when Jo asked to work with me: a local hero in the South East, she has raced in France and Spain and already had national track titles to her name. She is also an excellent coach herself!

Like most riders who have a coach, one of the benefits Jo was seeking was to have someone programme her training so that she could get on with racing and life! Jo has a career in education which takes up time and energy, and she often has limited time to train (like the vast majority of my clients) but responds quickly and has a cast-iron mentality when it comes to the completion of sessions.

Mixing training for track and road at national level requires careful attention to detail: dates of races, preparation phases, peaking for certain events – and for a number of track events within the main meeting itself! A combination of indoor trainer/rollers and road training (all to heart rate until 2017…it may surprise you to know!) resulted in a superb 2015 and 2016, highlights of which included winning the 800m Grass Track Sprint Champs twice, and taking the overall in the BC National Omnium Series 2016!

"My coach is awesome!! (No, he didn't pay me to write that!!)

Only 2 weeks ago I was feeling pretty rubbish after some pretty average results in the first two track meetings of the year. No surprises considering I'd pretty much had 5 weeks off the bike with a cold. A cold should not keep you off the bike for 5 weeks, but this one did. Most of the school had the "4 week cold". Blooming teaching.

Anyway, back to the title. My coach is awesome because in just two weeks of Easter Holiday he has got me back up to fitness! Wahoo!!!

I felt strong at the weekend racing in Belgium with my girls, and tonight I felt even better at the VC Deal race training session. 1h in with some pretty fast men, far too long above my theoretical max HR and loads of fun too!

Massive thanks to Tim at BlackCat Cycle Coaching who really knows how to get the best out of a busy, time poor teacher!!

Now I'm off to plan my lessons... Yay!"