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Climb at the front of the race

BlackCat Road Race Coaching

Road racing is best summed up as a series of maximal efforts of varying durations, ranging from 4 seconds to a race long breakaway.

I’ve coached cat 4’s to cat 1’s, novice to national level riders, and have helped two riders to win National Championships in this discipline. Along the way I’ve helped riders to jump one or even two categories in one season.

If you want to improve at road racing, you need a high cruising power, race-specific endurance, and the ability to recover from successive 100% efforts.

Using power or heart rate, and a combination of road and turbo/home trainer sessions, BlackCat can help you to develop these attributes and make your season the best one you’ve ever had.

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Emma Lewis | BlackCat Cycle Coaching

“Without Tim's coaching, advice and motivation to see me succeed, I wouldn't be where I am today.”

Emma Lewis

Aprire/HSS Hire Racing Team - National CTT Closed Circuit Champion 2016, National Emergency Services RR Champion 2016

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