BlackCat Coaching Packages

Each one of BlackCat's cycle coaching packages will help you go faster... you just have to do the training!

Choose from one of our three personalised packages; ECoaching with a weekly feedback and review, EPlans over 6 week training blocks, or our Curve To The Right package to help improve your lactate threshold.

For a limited number of riders in South East England we are also able to offer one-to-one coaching with these packages.

Simply use our sign-up form to get in touch and discuss your coaching requirements.

All of our packages come with no initial fee and no contract.

Choose what's right for you.
3 online packages, one resulting speed - FAST.

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The Personal Touch.

This individually tailored training schedule includes daily plans, bad weather alternatives, built-in self testing, and weekly data analysis.

We'll assess your progress and plan the next steps in a weekly review via email.

Very comprehensive - you just need to pedal!
Most of our riders choose this package.

£64 per month.

Fit your training into your busy life schedule.

Tell us the time you have, the events you're targeting or the improvements you wish to make, and we'll produce progressive 6 week training blocks for you with built-in self testing.

This is still personalised coaching but without the weekly feedback. Includes a full review in week 5 of each block.
This is a popular option amongst our riders.

£59 for each 6 week training block.

Our most comprehensive online package.

In scientific terms, pushing (or pulling) the lactate curve to the right through structured, specific training means increased performance - more power for the same level of effort!

One-to-one online coaching with a monthly 30 minute call, unlimited email exchanges, power meter data analysis, and daily plans with a turbo trainer/indoor bike alternative for every session.

The added contact and data analysis means that together we can manage your training more effectively.

£99 per month / £80 per month without a 30 minute call.

Improve your performance using accurate data.

We offer RAMP and Functional Threshold (FT) testing as well as Power Profiling using a Wattbike.

Each test includes a consultation, setting of training zones for power and heart rate, and a comprehensive report.

Please contact us for BlackCat's full testing menu.

£POA RAMP Testing.

Scientific performance testing at Canterbury Christ Church University's state of the art SporstLab facility.

As an official SportsLab partner we can offer a wide range of professional laboratory-based and field-based testing services.

We can design a personalised testing package including VO2 Max, Lactate Threshold, Haematology and Aero Testing.

Please contact us for SportLab Canterbury's full testing menu.


Don't see something to suit you?

Can still see the spokes? The wheels not blurring yet? Need specific advice about improving an area of cycling (sprinting, time trialling, climbing etc.)?

We're here to help. Feel free to contact us for further, personalised coaching options to suit you.

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