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BlackCat Wattbike Testing

BlackCat was one of the first cycle coaches in the UK to use a Wattbike for the physiological testing of athletes, and have conducted hundreds of individual tests ranging from RAMP and Threshold tests, to full Power Profiles.

I have been featured on Wattbike’s blog on numerous occasions with coached riders, and also to provide advice on specific Wattbike training sessions. In addition, I plan and coach the very successful training sessions at SportsLab in Canterbury Christ Church University Sports Science Department, which are now in their 3rd year.

Based in Deal in Kent, below is a list of 1:1 physiological testing I can provide on site. Each test includes a consultation, setting of training zones for power and heart rate, and a comprehensive report.

RAMP Testing - the essential baseline for beginning training, which provides your Maximal Aerobic Power (MAP) and heart rate: £85.

Threshold Testing - to establish your power and heart rate at Threshold and your Functional Threshold Power (FTP): £120.

Power Profiling - an invaluable tool for road racing, cyclo-cross and track riders, which comprises a series of intervals and recovery periods in one session to identify gaps in performance. Includes consultation and specific advice on how to improve weaker areas, as well as capitalise on strong ones: £130.

Group Testing at SportsLab - Power Profiling and Threshold Testing on site at Canterbury Christ Church University’s state of the art SportsLab facility. Please contact us for SportsLab Canterbury’s full testing menu.

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Mark Whittaker | BlackCat Cycle Coaching

“Tim ensured I was doing the right type of training at the right time... I found I was fresher for each session and able to execute my training much better.”

Mark Whittaker

Deal Tri - 11th Place AG Kona World Championship IM 2015, Club IM Record Holder

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