About BlackCat

BlackCatCycleCoaching.com is Tim Ramsden. If you haven't heard of me it's no surprise - I'm not an ex-pro, elite amateur or sponsored athlete.

I'm a cyclist who loves riding and racing and I've been doing it for 30 years now. I'm an ABCC (Association of British Cycling Coaches) Coach and I have a First Class honours degree in Physical Education.

I started to question traditional training methods back in the 1980's, altered my schedule to include fewer miles and more specific sessions at higher intensity and guess what?

I went faster for less time on the bike... a lot faster!

I now, like most people, have limited training time and a young family too. I train less than I did 15 years ago, but surprisingly I'm even faster now.

I recently went up a category in road racing and PB'd in my favourite distance time trial on less than 6 hours training a week.

Having less time does not preclude you from going faster, it just means that you need to train specifically and have a purpose to each session.

So you want to go faster?

Every rider I’ve coached has improved over the course of a season. I’ll help you go faster, and that’s the whole point isn’t it?

More focus. Fewer miles. Better results.

Tailored cycle training plans that work.

What can BlackCat do for me?

Very simply, we can help you get the most out of the time you spend training. We offer One-to-One ECoaching and Personalised EPlans based on your individual requirements.

Each rider I coach comes from a different background - novice, ex-runner, triathlete, timetriallist, sportive rider, road racer etc. They are also starting at different points in terms of experience.

The training programme for a rider with 10 years training behind them will look very different in the "base-building" phase to a rider who is about to enter his or her first season. Equally, if you predominantly ride short distance time trials/duathlons/triathlons then your training sessions will be different to someone who is riding The Marmotte and looking to improve upon their time.

However key elements of athletic performance (and therefore training) do apply across a range of events, and an effective coach can plan a programme that incorporates all the factors required to make you go faster.

Every rider I've coached has improved over the course of a season. Take a look at some of the riders on BlackCat's books, read their comments and it will become clear that whatever your chosen cycling discipline and starting point I'll help you go faster... and that's the whole point, isn't it?

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