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If you’re reading this one, you like mud…

A fast start, a fast finish, and up to an hour of “red line” effort between them. This pretty much sums up ‘cross, and the training required to be successful at it!

I’ve been lucky enough to work with cyclo-cross riders who win at regional and national level, and know that the skills side is not easy to learn online. The best ‘cross riders learn from racing, dedicated club or team training sessions, and training with a hands-on coach.

The riders I have coached have benefitted from my specific solo training sessions conducted both on and off-road, using heart rate, power and perceived effort.

If you do have a local ‘cross training session you can attend, I can provide you with the structure to fit between the training sessions and races to make your off-road racing experience the fastest it can be.

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Craig Joy | BlackCat Cycle Coaching

“Without Tim's training and coaching I would be struggling to keep in the top 20, let alone be within reaching distance of a podium.”

Craig Joy

BowlPhish Racing Team – Cat 2 Road Racer / Cross and MTB specialist

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