Emma Lewis | BlackCat Cycle Coaching

"Without Tim's coaching, advice and motivation to see me succeed, I wouldn't be where I am today."

Emma Lewis

Aprire/HSS Hire Racing Team - National CTT Closed Circuit Champion 2016, National Emergency Services RR Champion 2016

Top performance requires more quality, less quantity

Emma came into cycling, I think, by accident… but has proved her natural ability by winning two National Titles last year in road and TT, and graduating to a top UK team taking part in the Tour series and international events.

With limited time to train, Emma’s training is focused on quality. Combining specific road sessions to heart rate and power (the two go hand-in hand…always) with power development in TT position on the indoor trainer was the key to her success last year, as well as a careful juggling of training and racing programmes to bring her to the best possible form at the right time. To operate at a high level you don’t need as many hours as you think you do, just an emphasis on quality and specificity.

"Tim has coached me for 2-3 years now and words cannot describe how much this has changed my life and cycling career.

I dipped my toe in the cycling world through Time Trials and spent a year doing local races on a second hand aluminium framed TT bike. As the months went on my times improved and my partner was giving me some training to do during the week. After a year, we were both feeling good and had set ourselves some goals for the future, for me this included some national level time trials. We both decided that it would be a great decision to get a coach, and we stick by that decision as being the best one we made by choosing Tim as our guy!

In the past 2 years I have gone from local girl who could put in a sort of good time for a 10, to a National Champion in the RTTC Circuit Time Trial event (a title for the past 2 years held by Dame Sarah Storey) and also a National Champion in the Emergency Services Road Race.

Without Tim's coaching, advice and motivation to see me succeed, I wouldn't be where I am today. I am now looking forward to yet another season with Tim bringing me on in my racing ability, self-belief and improving my strength as a female racer. I have absolute faith in Tim to help me up my game even more in 2017."