Craig Joy | BlackCat Cycle Coaching

"Without Tim's training and coaching I would be struggling to keep in the top 20, let alone be within reaching distance of a podium."

Craig Joy

BowlPhish Racing Team – Cat 2 Road Racer / Cross and MTB specialist

Intervals + attention to nutrition = success

Craig wanted to mix his road season with ‘cross; no problem, as long as you have adequate recovery between the two.

Craig is a punchy rider with a killer sprint, and a high power at LT. He can also handle a bike brilliantly, so is perfectly suited to ‘cross.

Apart from a weekly skills session which he could attend pre-cross season, Craig was sometimes limited in terms of the sessions he could do because of work-related travel. We looked at the types of efforts he was making in ‘cross races, and I structured specific indoor and outdoor sessions based on the race demands. This approach coupled with a different nutrition strategy (yes, they are short races… but the Glycogen burn is high so if you underdo the carbohydrate intake it will all be over before the end of the race) gave him a very successful winter season!

"I have been working with Tim for a few years now and cannot recommend him highly enough. Tim works in a friendly, profession and genuinely motivated manner which filters down into my own attitude when it comes to my training.

Tim has supported me through a very successful start to my road season which took a turn for the worse following a mountain bike crash and a broken wrist. I spent 6 weeks wearing a cast and more than that trying to rebuild my strength on and off the bike. Tim was there throughout and I was back on my bike quicker than I thought prepping for the cyclo-cross season.

Cyclo-cross is a big part of my cycling goals and Tim has helped me achieve them. Last season I was regularly finishing top ten in really strong senior men's fields; this year even with a rocky start due to the injury, I have managed to obtain a number of top ten finishes in arguably stronger and bigger fields than last year.

Cyclo-cross has boomed as a discipline in recent seasons and the numbers are reaching nearly 100 men per race. Without Tim's training and coaching, I would be struggling to keep in the top 20 let alone be within reaching distance of a podium. My training is a mixture of skills, technique, power and sprint sessions – all of which I must have to succeed in cyclo-cross.

I have so much faith in Tim and his coaching that I have decided next year's goal will be to compete in the World Masters Amateur Cyclo-cross Championship in Belgium, a prestigious and highly ranked event. I know and trust that what Tim gives me, and how he will manage my year of racing leading up to the World Championship, will give me the best fighting chance against some of the best riders out there.

Thank you Tim for your continued support and constant flexibility when I keep crashing my bikes and breaking bones or carbon!"