"Thanks for all the training and support - this medal is your's just as much as it is mine, I am really happy with the result. A great end to a perfect se


Matthew Robertson,

                                                                                                                                             (Woolwich VC) National Youth Champion - Para Circuit Champs 2015, Overall Para Champion - UKSG 2015 

"Thank you BlackCat for keeping me motivated, fit and winning this year! #bestcoach #thankyou"

     Jo Smith

(AdAltaCC/Blackcat), National 800m Grass Track Champion 2015, National BUCS Track Champion 2015. 


Latest News!!!

New Blackcat Sportive Training Camp April 2017

Please click the link below for full details.


So you want to go faster…?

BlackCatCycleCoaching is an internet cycle coaching service for cyclists. who want tailored, value-for-money individual training plans which really work.

The C.A.T. in BlackCat stands for Committed, Ambitious, Time-Poor – BlackCat will ensure you don’t waste your training time on sessions which will not make you go faster!


Finish your first…?
Nail an Etape…?
Go for Gold Standard….?
Complete a multi-day challenge..?

Ride 20mph for your bike split…?
Knock 2 minutes off your 10 mile TT time ..?
Beat the hour for a “25”…  ?
Carve 20 mins from your Ironman bike leg..?

Road Racing

Stay with the bunch in a 4th cat race..?
Jump a category  ?
Win from a bunch sprint…?
Climb at the front of the race..all the way to the end?

ABCC Cycling Coach Tim Ramsden. has trained cyclists with limited time to big improvements in fitness and performance. BlackCatCycleCoaching represents 30 years of his passion for cycling and cycle racingif you want to go faster let BlackCat make it happen!

How does it work?

ECoaching is one-to-one coaching over the internet.  Essentially it is like having a personal coach to direct your training on a daily basis. The difference is that you don't have to travel miles to see the coach or pay travelling expenses for him or her to come to you. Each week of daily training is planned for you individually and we communicate by email weekly to review progress and plan next steps. Every rider starts by filling in a questionnaire which gives me some of the information I need to start planning a programme. From there I contact you by email and we map out a Season Plan for your target events. Initial and regular progress testing is built in to the programme, as well as weekly data analysis. There is no set-up fee for this package and no monthly contract. This is the option most of my riders choose. Need a Skype call, unlimited email and more regular power meter data analysis as well? TRY MY CURVE TO THE RIGHT PACKAGE! SEE PACKAGES/WATTBIKE TESTING FOR FURTHER DETAILS!

I can also offer a more comprehensive training package including face-to-face contact and testing – please Contact BlackCat for prices (limited number of riders – South East England only).

EPlans are cycles of 6 weeks planning where each progressive session is planned for you. We go through a similar process to ECoaching in that you complete a rider questionnaire initially and this helps me to help you go faster. After an initial email exchange you then follow the plan until we review again in week 5. From there I plan the next cycle of training. Again, there is no set-up fee and no contract - each 6 week block is charged at the same one-off rate.

See Coaching Packages for more details or contact BlackCatCycleCoaching

We only have One Mission Statement – Get Faster

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